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Château de Chine

29/03/2024: Our visit to the Chinese restaurant in question was an experience par excellence, which I recapitulate with the greatest pleasure. With two families and two small children at our side, the challenge of finding a suitable restaurant could hardly have been greater. But what we experienced there exceeded all expectations. From the very beginning, the outstanding service made us feel like we were in another world. The service man, whose friendliness and professionalism knew no bounds, played a key role in this extraordinary experience. Despite the language barrier, he managed to build a bridge that transcended cultures and languages. He read our every wish, offered individual recommendations that satisfied our palate, and showed a patience and care towards the small children that is second to none. Not only was the service from another world, the culinary creations were also a feast for the senses. Each dish was a masterful work of art that celebrated the rich diversity and sophistication of Chinese cuisine. The atmosphere in the restaurant itself also made us feel completely welcome and comfortable. At a time when eating together often becomes a minor thing, this visit reminded us how enriching and unifying a meal can be. This restaurant is not just a place to eat; it is a setting for unforgettable memories and a culture of hospitality that is second to none. For us it was more than a meal, it was an experience that we would not want to miss and that we would recommend to anyone looking for genuine hospitality and exquisite cuisine.
20/03/2024: Very friendly and good Asian restaurant. The service is great and the waiter is very welcoming and smiling. You can eat in or take away. I go there regularly. Good value for money 😊 I recommend

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Le Brisach



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