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12/05/2024: One word, disappointed. I have been ordering from this restaurant for several years and I have rarely been disappointed, but since the change of ownership it has started to deteriorate. We have the impression that the managers don't know their menu when we order take-out, dishes that have the same name, but whose recipe no longer suits us. Errors on our orders concerning assortments of skewers (an assortment of 5 different skewers which turns into 2 chicken and 3 beef and cheese, a beef skewer which was clearly marinated in merguez sauce and which was spicy). Red salad which is already oxidized in the salmon avocado salad. Last time, the fried noodles were sweet (we were actually asked if we were sure of what we were saying and then given other noodles because we don't live far away - it was still sweet, it didn't There was just more sauce...) and the time before, they had made a mistake in the take-out order even though we had clearly re-specified the dishes because they seemed to have difficulty taking the order by telephone. In short, everything has become worse for a higher price. I wouldn't judge the atmosphere though as we often order take-out and haven't eaten there since the change of ownership.
11/04/2024: Restaurant tested and approved! Even though the service was a little long, we enjoyed our meal... well-seasoned soup, very finely sliced ​​cabbage salad, very fresh sushi and makis, yakitori skewers with tasty cheese. Small downside for the mochis which were extremely frozen. We will come back 😋


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