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31/03/2024: I wanted to do a drive-thru, I parked at the drive-thru, no one came to me the whole time I was there. I had to abandon this idea and go into KFC. It was empty, no customers. No one said hello to me, I was there alone in the world. One of the employees told me “order at the terminal”, which I did. They stare at me, then they talk among themselves, no one tells you about your order, I just looked at the screen. Then an employee came to cash me, she barely spoke to me but I followed her gesture. Finally when everything was ready she sent me my package with a "good appetite" without any smile or attention. The quality of the cuisine is always the same KFC, at the top, but if like me you also like good service and a good atmosphere, think twice before going to KFC in Grigny.
26/03/2024: Ras lack of staff during the week, wait a little long even if there is no one


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