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Frenchie's Tacos

Cournonterral, <20€
17/10/2023: Awful, scam, 70% sauce without a 2 meat tacos which does not reach the one meat elsewhere, fries with oil taste. I tried again because I was told that they had changed ownership since Frenchie's where my brother had worked there and showed me photos of the kitchen and hygiene... that stopped me in my tracks. This brand is the laughing stock of fast food. A shame. I never give an opinion but this is really alarming and reading all the comments I see that I am far from being an isolated case, now if I want a taco I would take the car because they will never see me again
11/09/2023: Endless waiting (more than 1h30) for deliveries. Something was stuck to the breading of my nuggets (it looked like cotton). This store should have closed a long time ago!!! Lack of hygiene and professionalism.


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