Les meilleurs restaurantsde cuisine thaï dans le arrondissement Lyon-2E de Lyon

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Les 9 Lotus

Lyon-2E, Lyon
17/05/2024: Sunny experience, delicious taste walk, everything homemade. Everyone has their own peppers, everyone has their own desires. Everything is a delight. Van takes care of you with all his heart. For 10 years already. Ultra recommended.
14/05/2024: One of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Lyon 🥰. Very affordable value for money, the quantities are generous and the dishes tasty, very authentic 🤤🍜. A very warm and welcoming service 🥰❤️. I highly recommend!


Les Petits Siamois

Lyon-2E, Lyon
10/03/2024: Dishes way too expensive for a base that revolves around chicken and frozen shrimp. Slow service. Mediocre but inexpensive wine by the glass. Warm decor but a general feeling of neglect and questionable hygiene, especially at the back towards the kitchens which adjoin the WC. Add to that a few extra dry cleaning costs once you leave to get rid of a strong cooking smell. Without interest.....
22/02/2024: Beautiful trip for my taste buds! They ask for more.



Lyon-2E, Lyon
02/03/2024: Very disappointed with our experience at Woko. The room is extremely dirty, the tables sticky, the chairs stained with grease. The quality of the food has deteriorated, it is particularly fatty. The coconut balls are stiff! Inedible! To top it off, the manager was particularly contemptuous for no reason. This behavior is unacceptable. Fortunately a young waitress raises the level with her kindness. Whatever happens, run away!
23/02/2024: The dishes are quite bland, well stocked with inexpensive products (soy, rice, cucumbers, etc.) but very little in the way of meat. We didn't wait too long for the dishes, however our friends with whom we ordered at the same time had a lot longer wait. The big problem: Value for money!! I honestly wouldn't have given it 2 stars if the price of the menu wasn't so expensive for something so low quality (not to mention that the service doesn't exist given that we have to place our order alone like for a fast food) + they asked us to install an application to validate our parking space. We didn't understand since other restaurants/stores usually simply validate the ticket...


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