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Le Pavé

28/01/2024: Pitiful welcome waiter who doesn't care and leaves you a pizza out of the freezer saying that's it! Ultra salty tapenade with dry pieces of bread that will break your teeth! Behind us smell of bad canteen dish yuck plate of the gentleman behind us bits of meat bathed in tomato water to escape!
23/01/2024: Two covers this Sunday, January 21, including a queen pizza. The pizza dough was clearly not homemade, and the topping looked more like Provençal porridge reheated and poured over in quantity. The pizza was not hot enough, the cheese was not melted. I left half! I hope for this cuisine that it's an accident... In short, I was enjoying eating a good pizza, I swallowed part of "this" and stopped... My partner had a salad, with half-cooked bacon!... Too bad


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