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24/03/2024: Damn thank you I paid 78 euros or 72 e it's the same for a night in a room so small that... plus it had a smell it was I it's not how long it wasn't used smell of cigarettes even though I'm used to 1st class hotels wow I've never seen that it's archaic, then you can sleep in something more drinkable where you eat but more than 100 euros, I'm sorry but 72 euros for 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. thank you, but the food was good just room 123 I think 1u 1st floor while I slept in 2000 downstairs in room 10 it was bigger and at this price, elsewhere for the boss the next one I pass gives me a discount
17/03/2024: Good meat cooked in the fireplace, accompaniment not great, too industrial for my taste. Service at the level. General atmosphere and decor from another time, Fairly high prices. When will modernization take place?


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