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Cay Tam

22/03/2024: Traditional Vietnamese cuisine and exceptional specialities. We liked it. Popular among locals.
19/03/2024: If you want to eat a Japanese fondue this is the right place. For €25 per person you will leave with a full stomach and satisfied taste buds. The broth and vegetables are good and the portion of meat perfect. I also recommend the lychee-based cocktail.


Seito Restaurant Sushi & Grill

04/05/2024: First time in this restaurant, expired Orangina with green/blue deposit, the waiter tells us it's no big deal... BBQ plate with a few pieces of meat still frozen. I have no doubt that Korean food is good but not at their place or at least not that evening.
28/04/2024: Food, service and atmosphere are all appropriate. It consists of the ground floor and the first floor, and you can taste Japanese and Korean food. At X, you can eat Japanese and Korean food that is close to the real thing. However, since scaffolding is rarely used in France, dishes such as stir-fried pork can be dry. Personally, I think this may be better than Oh Restaurant for Koreans.


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