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Restaurant Le Chalet

06/09/2023: Experience to live! We should have been wary, because a restaurant in which there is only one couple seated is not a good sign. And indeed: No card. We are told to come out and look at what is written on a half-erased blackboard. Note that at the end, no ticket either. 15 euros for a salad, followed by 1 merguez (which in fact was a sausage, not a merguez) accompanied by 27 fries. Well yes, there were so few that it was easy to count. The only positive point was the home fries, which were very good. 30 minutes for all that! So, we didn't have coffee or dessert. Too afraid to only have a cherry with a grape. Too bad, because the "waitress" does her best to accommodate. But obviously, she's not in the business.


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