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Le Vieux Cedre - Specialites Libanaises

28/02/2024: I wanted to come and eat here this evening with my wife but just by reading the comments I saw what kind of boss you are, remember that without the customers you are nothing! You have surely never been trained to allow yourself to respond like that to your customers, whether they are stingy, generous or even annoying, it remains your livelihood otherwise leave the premises to professional people who have the passion to provide their customers with a unique experience so that he comes back. I wish you courage and if you sell the premises, don’t hesitate, we will be happy to increase your turnover 😉
21/02/2024: A disaster ! The old cedar menu for 29.50 euros is a scam. Excessive prices for really not great dishes. A horrible kofta that makes you want to vomit. Worst restaurant of my life, with an unpleasant and unsmiling waitress. The majority of dishes are of Turkish origin and very poorly cooked. I strongly recommend this restaurant and avoid it. Good evening


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