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La Table Marocaine

06/04/2024: Favorite ❤️ for this Moroccan canteen which knows how to wonderfully revisit Moroccan flavors with great finesse and originality. From starter to dessert everything is delicious 😋! All accompanied by a delicious green tea. It's simple, it's super good, everything is homemade and Marie the manager takes great care and is happy to explain her menu to you. In short, run there!
30/03/2024: Here, we feel appreciated and we eat really well. The service has always been very pleasant and the menu is evolving enormously. Maxim


Restaurant Femina

Marseille-1Er, Marseille
05/04/2024: Very disappointed by this second experience in this restaurant. Beautiful decorum, but average couscous, we only smell the scent of garlic, not enough broth and vegetables. Service designed for one person when there were two of us. Quite high price I think for the quality/price ratio. €77 for two (couscous merguez, couscous royal and a bottle of rosé.
31/03/2024: A Tourist Trap! BE CAREFUL WHEN THE BILL ARRIVES BECAUSE THEY LOAD EXTRA DISHES! We don't even sit down when they immediately insist on ordering an aperitif, which we decline with difficulty. Insistence on choosing the dishes they recommend, in fact the barley couscous they forced on us wasn't that great. Since we decided what to order, they even reduced the portion of cous! The food is still good, but they make it go sideways. As we had predicted at the beginning of dinner, the bill arrived with an extra 31 euros! Smart

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