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The Sports Bar

30/05/2024: Splendid! Just what I needed after a long rainy day at Disneyland. A delicious 0.5l 1664 beer at the bar and a pack of peanuts. Great atmosphere and reasonable prices for the park. Ideal for annoyed, frustrated husbands and those who will become so.
29/05/2024: I go there often and I have nothing to complain about! The staff are more than professional and pleasant, the service and the drinks are great, I recommend this place 200% during the day (for the evenings of Friday and Saturday I recommend the Billy opposite) but the rest of the time these 100% here !


Market House Deli

19/04/2024: This is a cafe that is themed like a 60's American general store and the deco is nice. They serve mickey mouse themed doughnuts, cookies and some other snacks / sweets. They also had sandwiches in mickey mouse shaped pretzel buns. The only two hot options they had when I went were croque monsieur - a ham one and a turkey one. If I remember correctly they also had salad boxes but I didn't try. They have the usual soft drinks and tea, coffee, hot chocolate. We ordered coffee and hot chocolate, they can in plastic cups that were half filled, I felt short changed. They have indoor and outdoor seating, but it was a cold morning so we sat inside. To sum up, taste of all items ordered was OK, but poor value for money like all other food places in Disney land. Keep your expectations low and you will be OK.
18/04/2024: Restaurant that serves coffee in plastic gray cups. Covid leftover …?


New York Style Sandwiches

30/04/2024: Best welcome during our stay, team and manager attentive, helpful and polite. The breakfasts served were good, the pancakes excellent (and we are Breton experts 😁)! A special mention for the employee who made a paper casserole dish for my son. A wink from childhood. Really welcome. I highly recommend !!
20/03/2024: Good value for money for fish and chips. The formula does not allow you to have a beer as a drink, so I had the fish and chips alone with a beer. Too bad the restaurant card is not accepted. Strangely they accept paper restaurant tickets which no longer exist this year. Disney really needs to modernize and enter the 21st century with current practices (the smallest bakery accepts digital restaurant tickets!)

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