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Cañas y Tapas - Fenouillet

Fenouillet, <20€
03/04/2024: Great time at Cañas y tapas! I often go on vacation to Spain, and I loved finding all the flavors that I love so much The portions are generous, the dishes excellent. My husband and I ordered tapas to share: platter of Spanish cold meats and cheeses, fried squid, patatas bravas, and assortment of croquetas… we came out full! We had a great time, special mention to the croquetas which are really delicious. I also drank a sangria which was very good The service was very pleasant, special mention to the owner who is very friendly and has a lot of humor! I will definitely come back again sometime!
21/03/2024: A rather well stocked charcuterie platter, and patatas bravas with a brilliant sauce! The red sangria was good! A good place to have an aperitif and enjoy tapas, especially at happy hour!!


Break Time

Batignolles, Paris, <20€
03/01/2024: A bar with several rooms, including one at the bar for quiet talking, a downstairs room for dancing and one quiet upstairs for playing games or other things. Easily bookable for different events.
02/01/2024: Great place for New Year's Eve!


Cañas y Tapas - La Teste-de-Buch

La Teste-De-Buch, <20€
01/04/2024: Beautiful decor, nice welcome. Attentive service, Spanish cuisine like there, good wine. What's more?... Affordable price.
23/03/2024: This day, exquisitely tender grilled chipirones and sirloin steak with perfect blue cheese sauce. We have been here before and will come back. Thank you for these quality dishes.


Cañas y Tapas - Nantes

Nantes, <20€
31/03/2024: Coming with family to celebrate a birthday, we were told when we arrived that we had to leave at 3 p.m. (normally the restaurant closes at 5 p.m. on Sundays) Severely lacking attention to service The blonde waitress really needs to think about a career change It is not permissible to be a faceless person at this point. We were not unpleasant customers either. Fortunately his colleague raised the level A little attention with the candle to note anyway, thank you for this point I came to Canas y Tapas twice without any worries. This third experience leaves me with a bitter taste
30/03/2024: 2nd time I've eaten there today, still just as good, super nice staff....a very good place


Cañas y Tapas - Saint-Laurent-du-Var

Saint-Laurent-Du-Var, <20€
05/04/2024: Me and my friend came to eat in this restaurant a month ago, 2 drunk men came to bother us and the owner did not hesitate to defend us and fire them. He even offered us our drink! Thank you again and thank you to the boss for being so kind and responsive!!
12/03/2024: Très belle endroit avec très belle vu sur la mer. Très bon saumon frais servis avec de très bonne pomme de terre et sa sauce. Je reviendrai avec plaisir.



Cañas y Tapas - Serris

Serris, <20€
28/03/2024: I love this restaurant The dishes are super good and very plentiful Pleasant and welcoming staff Fast service
10/03/2024: Quelle belle découverte ! Produits frais, accueil merveilleux, reactivite, sourires , tout y est Mention spéciale pour notre serveuse Alice dont le sourire et la gentillesse, ont assaisonné a la perfection les délicieux plats qu elle nous servait Super équipe et rapport qualité prix très correct


Cañas y Tapas - Montpellier

Montpellier, <20€
07/10/2023: Very happy with this restaurant, good welcoming, smiling and served quickly to do again
24/09/2023: Super tapas ! nous nous sommes régalés tout était très bon et le service au top. Nous avons eu un jeune homme qui nous a bien renseigné et aiguillé pour notre choix. La carte est vraiment très complète il y a beaucoup de choix pour tous les goûts.


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