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Orient Express

21/03/2024: Very good kebab I recommend me who goes to eat with a friend quite often I recommend with my eyes closed everything is super good and for dessert I recommend a good tiramisu they are excellent
04/03/2024: The best of Draguignan, especially for a customer as annoying as me to constantly ask for lots of Harissa white sauce, my requests are always granted with pleasure, speed and above all a smile. Very nice team, ultra generous and delicious kebab..


Le pacha kebab

11/05/2024: I have never eaten a kebab like that so much that it was not good. As soon as I got home I repainted the toilets. In case of constipation I recommend it!! My friend went back there at noon he told me that it was very ellas it's 12:05 a.m. he and still hasn't come out of the toilet since 2 p.m. we're worried about his condition he no longer responds I recommend the white sauce in case of constipation….
11/05/2024: despite a superb welcome and top quality service, my stomach is completely ruined. Currently 11:50 p.m. and I still haven’t digested the 12 p.m. kebab. Frankly the white sauce was great, then in terms of taste the kebab satisfied me but frankly my stomach is in compote…

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Le pacha



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