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Viet Nam

29/05/2024: We mainly take out, their cuisine is a delight
15/05/2024: Heartwarming welcome. Professional service. And delicious food. Thank you we will come back.


Restaurant Asia

28/06/2024: We discovered this restaurant following an invitation 👌 What a beautiful evening 😍 Very pleasant welcome 🫶 Impeccable service, lots of choice, really good meal!👌🫶 Copious plates, very good spring rolls. Shrimp skewers delicious 🍤 🍤 🍤 In short, absolutely worth doing again 🤩
21/06/2024: Echt heel smakelijk op het eten niets op aan te merken de manager spreekt alleen Frans Wat wel jammer is maar zijn vrouw in de keuken spreekt Engels


Faubourg de Saigon chez Diem

09/06/2024: Very pleasant moment. Family-run establishment Very good homemade dishes
24/05/2024: Really great discovery, very good Vietnamese cuisine. Excellent restaurant.


La Brise d’Asie, France

04/06/2024: As true Chinese lovers, we were looking for an Asian restaurant and found this one. Very friendly service and excellent food, unfortunately we are leaving tomorrow, we will definitely try something else on the menu this week.
01/06/2024: Needed to find something different to pizza and over priced image over content restaurants on the front.Wow delightful staff serving a great selection of well cooked and presented food. Absolutely first class. Very reasonably priced food and decent quality wine. Excellent first visit whill not hesitate to go again. Thank you for a great experience.


Aux Baguettes d'Or

La Londe-Les-Maures
04/07/2024: Nous avons commandé à l'emporter car notre fille était malade et vraiment c'était super bon ! On a pris le poulet aux légumes et le bœuf aux champignons noirs avec riz cantonnais et nouilles. Aussi rouleaux de printemps et beignets de crevettes. Personne qui nous a servi très agréable et très sympa. On reviendra et certainement cette fois on mangera sue place.
30/05/2024: Ordered the prawns which were delicious. Ordered 50cl of wine for 8 euros. Good value for money. The owner was very much in a rush. Wasn't the warmest but wasn't rude either. Ok service. Food came out quickly too.


Viet Wok

26/06/2024: We have been coming there for several years but I find that the quality is declining more and more, very disappointed 😞
21/06/2024: Very good - quite a few choices - decor to review - very very noisy


Rendez-vous a Saigon

08/04/2024: All this has changed a lot, and it's a shame... A couple officiated. For about 2 years, the son has been in the gym. He is an impertinent young man, talks badly to people, blows when someone asks him something. The cuisine has declined greatly in quality and quantity. The soups are in rice ramekins, not in soup bowls. 3 ravioli in Winston's soup, the 3 ravioli that disappeared replaced with noodles, anything. Same thing for the other soups. The kitchen is stocked with leftovers. YOU LEAVE WITH HEADACHES AND OTHER ACHES BECAUSE THEY ARE SERVED IN COOKING which is popularly referred to as Chinese restaurant syndrome refers to symptoms such as facial tension, chest pain, sensations of burning throughout the body and anxiety after consuming a Chinese meal. These symptoms may be a hypersensitivity reaction to monosodium glutamate (MSG), a seasoning often used in Chinese cooking. This reaction is uncommon. Spring rolls are industrial, and many other dishes, not as they say 'home cooking'.!!! Too bad EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED, WHAT A TOO.... I'M NOT GOING THERE ANYMORE.... And I'm not talking about the worst hygiene....
15/03/2024: Très sympathique accueil en très bon français. Les plats sont très bons, à un prix très raisonnable. Aucune odeur de friture À RECOMMANDER SANS PROBLEMES


La Baie d'Along

02/06/2024: Restaurant of high culinary quality, flavor, exoticism guaranteed in the palate.. Very friendly, serious, friendly welcome.. A trip in the time of a meal.. Not to be missed... David and Pascale
11/05/2024: No surprises, always good. A little background music would be welcome. Very nice home


Le Saigon

09/07/2024: Came across this place while looking for a place to eat. Most of the shops had already closed down but thankfully Le Saigon was still open. First thoughts? Not too shabby. Atmosphere was quite good. Inside of the store was pretty cozy aesthetically wise. They had a fish tank and what looked like a dragon themed decor. (Red and gold) Once we were situated to our seats, they gave us a menu each to pick what we wanted. I chose a seafood prawn dish with lychee for my refreshment. Meanwhile, my mother picked Le neme and Cantonese rice, coconut juice as her refreshment. While waiting for our food to finish cooking, we were given a bowl of prawn crackers. Which was on the house. Really wasn’t expecting it but I’m absolutely here for it because I love prawn crackers. They also gave us a bottle of water to served ourselves if we were still thirsty after finishing our refreshments. Each person was given chopsticks. Food arrived not long after. Again, initial thoughts? Very good presentation. The food smelt delicious and tasted just as good. It was super rich and creamy. Ended up not being able to finish it all however so ended up sharing. I’d definitely order it again. Had some of my mother’s food she ordered. Spring rolls in English I believe. If you’re a seafood fan I’d definitely recommend. It’s super simple but soooo good. Swear I had a foodgasm. Idk what was in the dipping sause but it went perfectly with the spring rolls. Tastes like crab and prawn. Would 100 percent order this again. Only issue we seemed to have was with the rice, do think there was a bit of miscommunication so it’s partly our fault. Didn’t mind it personally since I don’t mind meat. Ate the meat off the rice though since my mom can’t have any unless it’s halal. Was good there after. Had a bit of the dipping sauce left over so we poured it over the rice. They blended together quite nicely. Really surprised there wasn’t any customers though. I don’t know if La Saigon is one of those places that are highly underrated or if we came across it when the city had gone to sleep. Though to be fair, it was 7 past in the afternoon. Either way, do think it’s one of that places are a hidden gem. If anyone is reading this is questioning on whether or not they should eat here. I say go for it. Don’t hate unless you try it. Never know, might just surprise yourself. ;)
29/06/2024: restaurant vietnamien super bon, tout est fait maison, les plats sont excellents, je recommande sans modération....


O Grill d'Asie

27/05/2024: The dishes are delicious, royally cooked with respectful and friendly service, not to be missed 👍🏼
30/04/2024: Very good and generous, reasonable price


Le Dragon D'annam

20/05/2024: Following my take-out order last night I took a Peking duck which was not great at all, the slices of duck a little whitish as if it had been defrosted and reheated and the noodles are not noodles but tagliatelle style pasta In short, I didn't really enjoy my dish.
03/05/2024: A small, unpretentious restaurant, it's OK but nothing more, in short, forgettable.

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Le Hanoï

26/01/2024: Accueil très agréable de la gérante et plats vraiment très bons ! Je recommande les nems de porc les nouilles aux légumes et le phō.

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Bo Bun


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