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Le Stube

Palais-Royal, Paris
14/06/2024: Had their basque cheesecake to take away, and it was absolutely amazing! It was so soft and not too sweet. Gentleman behind the counter was so attentive and spoke great english.
14/06/2024: Great service and quality food 🤗


Académie de la bière

Val-De-Grace, Paris
26/03/2024: Very good traditional and Reunionese cuisine, but above all, excellent beers on tap, including the sublime Sct. Bernardus. A little lackadaisical but friendly service. Very reasonable prices.
19/03/2024: I imagine there was a change of ownership... Passable service, staff who obviously don't know much about beer... Currywurst which didn't really resemble it... Fortunately I was able to drink a good beer!


Kiez Biergarten Parisien

Grandes-Carrières, Paris
03/04/2024: Great atmosphere, great service, great everything!!!!
11/03/2024: This is very mediocre by Parisian standards. It looks quite run down and although it is practically empty I have to wait a long time. Maybe they'll really get going later in the day. I'm told that the coffee machine is broken, but a little later someone comes from the kitchen with a cup of coffee in their hand 🥴. The apple strudel with vanilla sauce was a success



Ternes, Paris
05/04/2024: German gastronomy, in all its nobility.
05/03/2024: “Stube” atmosphere, very friendly as if we were in a German village. Traditional German cuisine, with first-rate beer And above all the best "Black Forest" in Paris. Absolutely good value for money.


Chez Jenny

Enfants-Rouges, Paris, 20-30€


Le Stube Goethe

Chaillot, Paris
02/01/2024: Nice place...photo exhibition in 3 rooms.
11/12/2023: Incredibly quiet and ideal place to work and relax. Special mention for the small restaurant area "Le Stube" with Yasmina, a manager/saleswoman who gives very good advice for her products to taste on site. And always smile!


Berliner Wunderbar

Saint-Merri, Paris
06/04/2024: Very sad this bar, no draft beer, no Happy Hour. The pretzels are reheated and very mediocre. The beers (in bottles) take a long time to come and are not fresh. And on top of that we had the exit door blocked, because the person who was paying at the bar for the table had not yet done their credit card code. In short, it’s better to leave them alone in their bar…
06/04/2024: Ok, there is no beer on tap during happy hour, ok the service is long, ok one beer out of two in the bottle is not fresh, ok there is an error on an order… but how can one of the waiters who is not very useful besides can it be so unpleasant? Very very bad publicity for Germany, real sabotage, Olaf, do something they have gone crazy.

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Le Stube

Faubourg-Montmartre, Paris


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