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Carre Petanque Obut

02/04/2024: In the pétanque meal package, there is nothing to say about lunch. On the other hand, the pétanque courts were, it seems to me, for the presence of OBUT, a little "limited".... (very hard grounds with a few channels). It seemed to me that there was a bit of a shortage of staff for all of the services. In addition, it is a shame that we have to play with leisure balls... Otherwise, the setting and the concept is very nice, pleasant...
02/04/2024: Book well in advance to get a good spot. We were put in the bar with a view of horrible pipes in the ceiling as a decor, there is nothing worse with a stepladder lying around, you would have thought you were in an attic. Horribly long service 45min for 1 appetizer, a cream of mushroom soup that arrived cold. Otherwise the cuisine is more than excellent. Gastro the best. Hot, well cooked and seasoned. Service to be reviewed. We could have left without paying since everyone had abandoned us


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