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Pret a manger

30/03/2024: Incompetent, slow, non-customer, no sense of priorities, no responsiveness, 0 proactivity. Extremely expensive for what it is. This is the ultimate scam of the village valley: For the same price you eat place tuscane in a real restaurant. Trap tourists. Ashamed
18/03/2024: Ideal for having a coffee after hours of shopping. This channel has nothing left to prove. Wide choice of coffees and they are very good. All your coffees are completely customizable. The staff is very friendly. The place is clean.




30/03/2024: Fast and efficient service, very good restaurant, I recommend!
23/03/2024: false advertising, disappointed


L'Agape Cafe

30/03/2024: It’s a great place to have a drink with friends! 😃
17/03/2024: 5 of us went there last night with friends In all seriousness, the sound is so loud that it's hard to hear yourself spoken, especially when we are placed right next to the speakers. We order a MDR charcuterie board!!!! we had a good laugh, there are 5 of us I repeat and we had a board with 2 slices of goat cheese, 3 pieces of Comté and 2 pieces of brie (damn I should have taken a photo of it) so you shouldn't have been too hungry c was light and excessive for the price of the board 😅😅😅 We order starters and dishes The hummus is just catastrophic it's spicy it has no taste we ordered 3 and the feedback was the same for everyone, but the waiter tells us that this hummus is all the rage but then I don't know how that can be possible because we don't We haven't touched it.. Still money in the wind The burgers... cooking the steaks also a disaster, 1 steak with weird pieces in it that my friend spit out in the assistant.. We stopped there because we were completely disgusted and disappointed, quite frankly. The bill was hefty for the poor quality of what we had on our plates.. What is certain is that I will never set foot there again and I absolutely do not recommend this place. From the outside it's magnificent, it makes you want it but you're quickly disappointed Thanks to the bartender for offering us digestives to comfort us in our discontent.

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