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A Table Chez Eric Leautey

28/03/2024: Delicious dish, as well as excellent cocktails. Boss pays attention to customers.
24/03/2024: Warm welcome and rather simple and efficient decor. On the other hand, prices are disproportionate to the quality and quantity. A bland and unseasoned foie gras, at €35 for 2 cm thick, a drop of cherry jam and the same for the chutney, and the unfortunate salad leaf cooked with its vinaigrette!!!!! Monkfish €39, 2 tasteless and flavorless pieces without any accompaniment!!!!! The scallop carpaccio as a starter, barely a portion, I don't even dare tell you about the price. And the crusted rack of lamb, good but €45 The wines are good. Honestly, it's not worth this price, and nice service but not up to the price. Not starred but prices identical to a 2 star, but with real dishes, tasty, beautiful and refined! I simply say to avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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