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Le cafe egyptien

Val-De-Grace, Paris
05/04/2024: Among the proposals of this place we find two complete dishes, meat and vegetarian respectively. The menu, in fact, mainly offers drinks and various types of hookah, which non-smoking guests inhale, despite themselves, as happened to me, in the presence of smoking customers. The vegetarian dish includes four small falafel, two slices of fresh cheese, a spoonful of hummus, salad with topping, aubergine caviar with and without tomato and broad beans. All good, even if it lacks a bit of that character that would raise the level of the dish. The piadina offered is not prepared in the restaurant and is not particularly good. The environment is warm and welcoming, with red sofas and tables inlaid in Arabic style. Price €12 for each dish.
05/04/2024: Honestly, the look is better than the taste. The ambiance, which reproduces an authentic Egyptian café, is ideal for a dinner with friends and is worth 5 stars. The menu, however, needs to be reviewed: there is not much choice and the menus offered at €12 are a simple assembly of small samples which are not particularly fresh. The pancakes that accompany them are clearly industrial and become inedible as soon as they cool. The vegetarian menu, quite meager, includes 4 too-hard falafels, a small piece of cheese, a spoonful of hummus, eggplant caviar and a small bowl of beans. The traditional menu is more abundant and offers, instead of cheese and beans, rice with vermicelli and kofta; the meat was a little tough, but overall the dish gave me an idea of ​​Egyptian cuisine. The service is very slow and the times indicated on Google and displayed at the entrance are not reliable.


Turbigo Sandwich

Bonne-Nouvelle, Paris
28/03/2024: Very good, Operational service I highly recommend
16/03/2024: A good, well-filled Greek sandwich with well-cooked fries


Isis Cafe

Halles, Paris
05/05/2024: I recently had the opportunity to visit this cafe and was extremely pleased with my experience. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the staff, who were both friendly and attentive. The service was fast and efficient, and I was impressed by the professionalism of the team.
03/05/2024: Warm place, friendly owner and always attentive

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Restaurant Pizzeria Botticelli

Clignancourt, Paris


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