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Le Casablanca

Le Barcares
06/04/2024: The soupe de poisson could have been better but really liked the main dishes (we took fish + filet mignon) especially that it came with cooked vegetables instead of just a plain salad. Service was also friendly and efficient.
06/04/2024: Excellent restaurant. Very hearty and delicious dishes. Top notch welcome


Le Coco Bar

Le Barcares
02/04/2024: We got there late one afternoon, around 2 p.m., and were given a very friendly welcome and dogs are also very welcome (which is not a given). The owners are humorous and very friendly. For a snack bar they make very good pizza! With fresh ingredients and a thin, crispy base. Merci for the hospitality.
28/02/2024: Lots of sunshine in this establishment despite the rain outside. We were very well received, the dishes are fresh and of high quality. The bosses are attentive to each request and seek to respond without reservation. Always very professional and pleasant. My children always finished their plate with pleasure! The best! Thanks to you two ! See you soon.

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