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Sushi Me

31/03/2024: Very disappointed, the quality of the products has dropped significantly. The sushi salmon does not taste or smell fresh. After eating a few, an instant stomach ache and nausea. The miso soup is so diluted that you want the taste of real miso soup. Spring rolls and shrimp fritters are the same ones found in the frozen section. Too bad after having been their customers for a long time we will no longer recommend. ANSWER : I can't respond to you other than by editing my comment so I'm doing it here. I would like us to be able to talk but unfortunately when we call you no response is given. The delivery person is not at fault but perhaps you should also separate the hot from the cold in your bags to avoid any incidents. And my problem isn't just about sushi. In short, despite your response, we will not change our mind.
30/03/2024: Order taken on Uber eats, a big fan of this restaurant, we find that it has lost a lot of quality. The salmon has become mediocre or even inedible, that is to say too light and sticky, probably it must have taken on water. We didn't even finish the sushi. The miso soup doesn't have much flavor but is still okay. The shrimp fritters seem to be frozen and what's more, they are not fritters, they are breadcrumbs and not donut batter. The spring rolls are mediocre and also seem to be frozen + the cooking is either overcooked or re-fried. We are disappointed and for an order of €80 it is expensive for a meal that we will unfortunately throw away or that we could have found in our freezer. I also add that the packaging for all dishes is plastic and that this is unfortunate for our planet. We are very disappointed and will not recommend.


My Sushi Valence

05/04/2024: well located close to the A7, closed parking, 2 restaurants, pleasant room
05/04/2024: A very clean and comfortable hotel. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Our stay was very good with Kemal Bey's welcoming approach.



30/03/2024: The sushi is typical of what you can eat in Japan, smaller than in other restaurants but really tasty 👍
30/03/2024: Pleasant surprise for this stage: discovery and mixed platter that lived up to our expectations. Please note: closes at 2 p.m. 🕑


Estaminette Yamaneko

11/05/2024: We ate there for lunch as a family with a 10 year old child and a 3 year old daughter, we all had a great time, really very good. The welcome may seem a little special, but we were impressed because the manager did everything herself, service, cooking... well done

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O Sushi


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