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Le Soleil de L'Orient

Lille, 20-30€
06/04/2024: The food is succulent, fresh and homemade. Nothing to say! The service is fast. What stands out is the kindness of the owners. We felt like we were eating with friends. We had a great evening! Thank you for this experience! We will definitely come back.
05/04/2024: 4 of us ate there. The dishes were simple and very good for a fair price! The service is just perfect! Madame and Monsieur are adorable and take great care of their customers. Thank you I will come back. PS: I found what I was looking for.



Le Timgad

Lille, <20€
01/04/2024: To avoid, a catastrophe. The pizza was really bad. The dough was burnt and too thin, the size was too small, and there was way too much fat. Plus, it was expensive for what it was. (15th) You deserve only 2.4 out of 5, not 4.2! So disappointed
28/03/2024: The team is nice. The atmosphere too. But the Kebab, what can I say... I've tried a lot of them but I think this is the first time I've eaten such rubbery and tasteless meat. For €14 a plate, very disappointed. Maybe the rest of the menu is better so 3/5


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