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05/07/2024: We ate at the Athena restaurant yesterday as a family and it was a marvel I ate a calzone and the crust was crispy a marvel I congratulate the chef of the evening we will return there with pleasure. And the staff is very welcoming with a big smile, it's a pleasure, well done cdt
29/06/2024: Pretty terrace in the city center and without complexes on the holiday route


Bar l'Estaminet

28/04/2024: I'm not giving any rating for the pub because it's been two to 3 years since I last set foot in this place so no observations or opinions'
26/04/2024: Pavel received us very well! Good beer-good wine-good music-good atmosphere! Very good experience


Le Keb's Sandwicherie

07/04/2024: Depuis des années, je ne mange que les kebabs du Keb’s car ce sont les meilleurs et nous sommes toujours bien reçus. Un sandwich copieux, une viande grillée comme il faut, accompagnée d’une sauce blanche à tomber. Quand vous aurez goûter le kebab du Keb’s, vous ne voudrez plus en manger ailleurs.
05/04/2024: Super accueil, et très convivial, toujours bien reçu La cuisine est toujours délictueuse je vous recommande vivement si vous avez besoin d’un délicieux kebab !😋😋


Le Club

28/04/2024: Excellent address! Very friendly and friendly. Little choice but excellent cuisine. Products of choice. Dogs allowed!!!
12/01/2024: Fresh produce, everything is excellent


Ile Aux Sandwichs

07/07/2024: Super good sandwich! And the lovely service :) Very good address!
16/05/2024: Nice, hearty and good sandwich. I'll be back...


la caverne Sam Sufi

14/03/2024: Very good bar even if the waitress didn't want to serve me any more alcohol because I had already drunk too much. Super good kebab Momo is the best
29/02/2024: Very warm welcome in a very good atmosphere and the cuisine is really top notch....I really recommend....thank you again for everything and your sympathy see you soon


Snack Istanbul Commercy

22/06/2024: Kebab plate for 11.5 euros. It's plentiful, good and the meat is well served. Fast service on a Saturday at noon
04/06/2024: Very recently I went with my partner to this kebab, with the aim of sharing a good time in front of good food that is very bad for your health. We had one constraint, which was that we were pressed for time because we work hard to secure our professional future. We therefore chose to rely on Commercy's Snack Istanbul, which in principle should be quick. Except that when we arrived we found a full room (at the same time less than 10 tables fill up quickly), we had a long wait. In addition, since the room was very small, we were all pressed together to wait for our order... While we were waiting, I heard a voice in my head that reminded me of things, that said "In France, almost 10,000 of them each year embark on the dream of a lifetime: Open a restaurant." I don't know anymore too much what this memory referred to, but I believe it is indicative of the organization and rigor of Morgan Makeup and his cook. It will also be noted that I saw a gentleman who came to introduce himself to Morgan because there had been an oversight in the order... Bravo, that's professional... Even at McDonald's they don't forget things anymore, do an effort guys. After 2h17 of waiting (I'm exaggerating a little haha ​​a little humor, life is so gloomy at the moment) our order was ready. Once Morgan Makeup gave us our order, we were forced by the success of the restaurant to leave the room to eat outside. Needless to say, we were already super happy, it was a good thing... So we ended up eating outside in a hurry, because we were working and we didn't have all the time we wanted... Especially since there was more sauce than meat in my tacos, to believe that I asked for a “1 sauce” taco and not “1 meat”… It started with a good intention, I just wanted to enjoy a meal with my spouse, and this is a bad experience... Eating outside, in a hurry, is really not pleasant. Even after the numerous changes of ownership, the cooks look bad, no hello,... “no politeness here” he said


Brasserie du Port

23/06/2024: A lot of waiting before a waiter came to see us, they left us the menu and we waited again. Forced to call a waiter to take our order. No coordination between the servers so that one party is served and the other does not have to claim. And in the end we didn't get what we asked for. It's deplorable. We will not come back and we do not recommend this brewery
16/06/2024: Homemade food, very warm welcome. We recommend



28/06/2024: Incomplete drive-thru order (happy meal toy, sundae nuts, dessert spoons, etc.). Disappointing !
23/06/2024: ASHAMED !!! Order of 66th and more than half was missing!!!! 3 bigmacs and two mcdo croques! The manager on the phone suggests I come back later (except that the children are at the table now and if I go through delivery it's not for nothing...) This "nice" gentleman wanted to keep my number because I told him that at some point you have to own up to your mistakes and stop being stupid... the poor guy got upset... do him a lot of good! Here's my bonus opinion! PS: Meilleurs Taux has given up its premises, Burger King is coming! And that will do good for customers who are disgusted by your brand and lack of professionalism...

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Les 2 Cigales


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Au Pere Louis


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Le Mad'in Meuse

07/05/2024: Un endroit familial avec une cuisine simple mais efficace ! Une bonne adresse! Dans un lieu sympa ! À 4 kms du lac de Madine
07/04/2024: Adresse à recommander, un accueil chaleureux, une bonne bière, une bonne cuisine, un service rapide et impeccable. À découvrir. Allez y les yeux fermés.

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L'Escale Gourmande


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Le Patio, France



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