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Sunshine Restaurant Japonais

10/06/2024: Always good and quickly served whether on site or to take away. It’s fresh and we are loyal customers.
02/06/2024: Never disappointed by the quality, the best Japanese restaurant!


Kim & Kim

Sainte-Marguerite, Paris
27/03/2024: Very authentic Korean food! ! ! Especially worth recommending! ! The Korean food in Madrid is absolutely amazing, every dish is delicious! !
17/03/2024: We should ventilate the room because we are suffocating with the smell of cooking.



01/06/2024: Excellent Korean restaurant with very good quality traditional cuisine. It's hidden in a residential area of ​​Chevilly-Larue, almost undetectable from the street, and charming inside. It often seems full and you have to reserve for safety reasons. There is a second service around 9 p.m. Very friendly service, although a little slow when it's crowded. The room is a little noisy but pleasant, with classic tables and other lower, built-in, and "traditional" tables, where you must remove your shoes beforehand. Price in relation to the quality of the dishes. A very good address !
28/05/2024: Excellent restaurant with Korean fondues as a specialty! A superb intimate atmosphere A favorite


Kook Il Kwan

Place-Vendôme, Paris
12/05/2024: It's a Korean restaurant, when you go to dinner with a Korean friend who speaks Korean, the service is different. But this time we went without knowing Korean, the service was less good. The Kimchi were less well served, no recommendation, the waiters were not very nice, we have the impression that they are doing their job and that's it. Damage.
05/05/2024: Adresse très sympa pour découvrir la cuisine coréenne. Un barbecue plancha à partager ultra sympa avec des saveurs épicées sucrées salées. Prix raisonnable


Gang Nam

Lyon-2E, Lyon
25/05/2024: Everything is beautiful!! Best korean experience in Lyon!! Kisses
11/05/2024: A truly exceptional meal! A little doubtful about Korean cuisine, I had the Korean Barbecue and what a delight!! Just delicious and full of flavor! The servers show you how it works and then it's your turn. Restaurant setting and team with rare kindness in the restaurant business, congratulations to you and stay as you are! I recommend this restaurant without any problem!!



Faubourg-Montmartre, Paris
07/06/2024: A very good Korean restaurant, large selection of dishes. Authentic.
06/06/2024: I heard that Sambuja released samgyetang as a summer special menu, so I came to try it right away!! The scent of ginseng is subtle, the flesh is soft, and it’s been a while since I tasted proper Korean food. They said they make all the sikhye and hotteok themselves, so I tried them and I almost regretted it if I didn't try them! From samgyetang to homemade Sikhye, I was able to feel the Korean summer in Paris haha. Thank you.


Shin Jung

Europe, Paris
31/03/2024: Good service. The staff is Korean. The dishes were good, the beef lacked a little taste but it was still ok. The menu is more profitable than choosing a la carte.
24/03/2024: A little disappointed with the bibimbap but the food is not bad overall. For lunch, very affordable option.



09/06/2024: Excellent restaurant, very pleasant and attentive staff.
13/05/2024: The boss is very enthusiastic and can speak multiple languages. The food is delicious~ Clean environment~



Grenelle, Paris
02/04/2024: One appetizer, soft tofu stew, 20 euros I ordered one item from the menu, bean sprout kimchi stew, for 19 euros. First of all, I was impressed by the warm barley tea, and they just gave me 1.5 liters of water. I told them to drink it and take it with them. They even gave me an extra gimbap as a complimentary treat. ㅠㅠ Every little consideration... Traveling from a faraway place... It was like an oasis for Koreans who came because they missed Korean food. You can refill side dishes and rice for free! The rice comes out like in the picture. Gobong Rice ~ This is also refillable. Why is there so much meat in kimchi stew?? Hahaha I enjoyed it so much. The charge is back!! Please take good care of the boss too!! The staff are also friendly!! I will come back before I leave Paris!!!
30/03/2024: I had an event at work so I ordered a lunch box and it was a huge hit. Thank you so much, boss.



27/03/2024: Heartwarming welcome. Small room, it is best to reserve. Good food made on the day. Discovery of bibimbap, it’s very good.
21/03/2024: Very nice opportunity to discover Korean flavors. The dishes are typical and homemade. The managers are very pleasant and kind! It was a real pleasure. Again thanks to you



04/04/2024: Second visit and still excellent dishes and very warm welcome
03/04/2024: We were received by 2 smiling and patient ladies, they took the time to answer each of our questions. We were very pleasantly surprised by the bibimbap served in a very hot stone bowl. I recommend 100%



Gaillon, Paris
28/03/2024: Everything is very good, book at least 1 week in advance at least. Maybe the room is a bit small but the staff is professional❤️
25/03/2024: We had booked for 11 people, adults, children and a baby, we were welcomed with a big smile 30 minutes in advance. The meal was delicious, the caramelized chicken and beef barbecue incredible. And thank you again to the hostesses for their kindness and thoughtfulness like no other. We will come back for sure. Thank you so much


Seito Restaurant Sushi & Grill

04/05/2024: First time in this restaurant, expired Orangina with green/blue deposit, the waiter tells us it's no big deal... BBQ plate with a few pieces of meat still frozen. I have no doubt that Korean food is good but not at their place or at least not that evening.
28/04/2024: Food, service and atmosphere are all appropriate. It consists of the ground floor and the first floor, and you can taste Japanese and Korean food. At X, you can eat Japanese and Korean food that is close to the real thing. However, since scaffolding is rarely used in France, dishes such as stir-fried pork can be dry. Personally, I think this may be better than Oh Restaurant for Koreans.



10/05/2024: A simply magical and excellent Japanese and Korean restaurant! You enter the restaurant and you are already transported elsewhere: a calm and relaxing Asian atmosphere. You are then welcomed by the manager who does EVERYTHING alone with her husband (and I take my hat off to them) who is very kind and will always be there to guide you with the menu (pairing between dishes, drink to choose ) and we really appreciated his help and advice. The meal is simply EXCELLENT and exotic: all the products are fresh, homemade and of very high quality and this is felt on the plate... the meal unfolds peacefully according to the different appetizers offered... we take his/her time and that feels good (we're not used to it anymore)... we take the time to savor and watch the little lady cook her dishes: a joy!🤩 From starter to dessert everything is excellent: real wasabi for the sushi, gyosas to die for, what can we say about the dishes which are just exquisite and the desserts end this culinary journey so well (the apple gyosas are just delicious) . We have been there twice and we will definitely go back! I recommend it +++
06/05/2024: Very good restaurant, change of scenery guaranteed! I recommend 100%



18/03/2024: Delicious and what’s more we are very well received! We will come back !
12/03/2024: Hello to all my Japanese and Korean friends, :) I went to this restaurant on a sunny day despite it being dark. By this I mean that it was dark because in this Nantes area, night falls around 8 p.m.! :) I was able to taste a menu 5 with the fat woman who serves as my wife, with lots of salmon! :) I really like salmon! enormously ! Honestly, it was really good, but I think the soup as a starter could have been hotter! However, the new waitress seemed uncomfortable which disturbed me. Having done 2 months of catering before getting fired, I perfectly understand the stress that servers/runners can experience. KEEP THE FAITH! At the end, I was able to receive a nice mint candy: this is apparently part of Chinese values... Kind regards,

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