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Urbano Cafe

Europe, Paris
19/07/2023: a new order too good to go always good, served. the salmon pasta and the magnificent red fruit tiramisu. 👍👍👍



Chaussée-Dantin, Paris
31/05/2024: Nice place even if I didn't eat there. Checkout a little long. Pretty good food, I would go back.
16/05/2024: Organic cafe. Delicious pastries, fresh smoothies and coffee, great for breakfast. Next to the opera house and the Lafayette gallery, it is open at 9 am.



Europe, Paris
08/02/2024: Thanks to the wonderful Marissa who welcomed us very well, she is really professional Well done see you soon because I will come back thanks to you!!😉 Plus it’s so delicious mamaaa
22/01/2024: The couscous is excellent, all tastes are balanced.


Factory and Co Bercy Village

Bercy, Paris
21/04/2024: La salle de restaurant était très sal, serveur non chaland, très mauvais rapport/qualité prix, nourriture exécrable limite pour chien et je pèse mes mots. Restaurant à éviter!!!!
26/01/2024: Expérience très décevante. Plus de 45 min d’attente après la commande pour seulement deux menus classiques. Toilettes condamnées et pas de solutions proposées.


A l'Ombre de Notre Dame

Saint-Merri, Paris
18/05/2024: Quite a disappointing experience, I went there for a snack around 4 p.m.: The outside tables were dirty, then the waitress had nothing to write down the order and after having missed the recitation of the order in front of us, she did not tell the cook the correct order so that we had a vanilla ball instead of raspberry . In addition, the “homemade” crème brûlée was grainy and therefore a failure.
13/05/2024: This place is extraordinary, I love it!



Saint-Lambert, Paris
24/05/2024: Someone will have to explain to me the benefit of placing an order using click and collect if it means having to register at the counter so that they can start the order?? Thanks for the 45min wait
21/05/2024: After 3 visits and none going correctly I decide to post this comment. KFC is usually pretty good, but then this one always makes you regret your choice. 1st visit, 1 missing menu, 2nd visit the drinks are not properly closed and we find ourselves eating a burger soaked in liquid, 3rd visit the service is ultra slow almost 30/40 min of waiting for a single menu. Honestly, wake up a little. As for you consumers, take the time to check your order before leaving, and check that everything is correctly packaged. Sorry Mister V, I guess Delamama is delicious when it's not dipped in pepsi


Burger and Fries

Bonne-Nouvelle, Paris
03/04/2024: Edit of 04/03/2024: It was a good fast food now it's disgusting. Old comment: The veggie or breadless option is nice. Good alternative to Macs and PC Do (Google censors this part of my com'). Much better quality with the first menu at 8eu than many fast food chains.
03/04/2024: I came on Wednesday April 3 in the evening and I was received by two young men, it was very good, the seller very efficient, if I had a business and needed a seller I would steal one from you ahah


Lunch Club

Villette, Paris
03/04/2024: Generous and fast, good service for years now
17/03/2024: For the first time in this very good lunch and they are very welcoming and generous 👌👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼thank you very much


Subway Saint Paul

Saint-Gervais, Paris
05/05/2024: Small storefront and small room, choice and TV.
09/04/2024: So here, I am mean about the note, not because of the staff who had nothing to do with it, but because of the boss who apparently decided NOT to participate in the Subway rewards promotion even though he is listed on the list of participating Subway, I was upset that I couldn't use my Subway rewards yesterday. This is becoming scandalous, I worked a lot to do 3 Subway and I was refused promotion each time, and what do I do with my points?


Brioche Doree

Saint-Merri, Paris
20/03/2024: Dynamic and pleasant saleswoman Correct food
19/03/2024: I ate a very good Caesar salad and a pancake with jam there. The staff are really welcoming and very friendly I recommend


Pret a Manger

Madeleine, Paris
27/05/2024: If I don't decide immediately what I want to eat, it's not because I don't understand the question. I know I have a slight accent when I speak French and of course I make mistakes - but I speak and write French fluently (I even have a certificate to prove it), and when the staff at Ready speaks to me in English - even the prices, which we learn in sixth grade - it's a real insult. There is never any soap in the toilets either.
24/05/2024: Like other comments, no electrical outlets, no wifi. Everything is done to ensure that the customer leaves as quickly as possible. The owner will respond that he is investigating but nothing changes. I will not renew my subscription in your franchise. Sincerely


Le Medicis

St-Germain-Lauxerrois, Paris
03/06/2024: Went here for drinks whilst exploring the gardens. Nice and quiet. Small selection on the menu Nice to sit outside but shame smokers are around - should be seating available for smokers and no smokers. Toilets inside
29/05/2024: This place is excellent for eating or drinking good wine. I advise.



Chaussée-Dantin, Paris
03/04/2024: For a football face nothing to say, it's correct
31/03/2024: Overall food was decent but very dirty bathroom.


Nabab Kebab

Halles, Paris
29/04/2024: Incorrect opening hours restaurant closed
28/04/2024: I don't recommend this kebab, except out of the box, if you have nothing to eat, a criminal Algerian sauce that will make you shit the next day. If you have Match the next day, don't order this kebab at all, you'll have to poop near the goalkeeper's post. I ordered it, I am currently in my bed, while my D4 elite team plays the maintenance match. Thank you very much, this kebab!



Chaussée-Dantin, Paris
28/02/2024: Great salad with very good products and delicious sauces. Great service with fast, efficient and generous staff.
21/09/2023: First time in this restaurant, great staff, very smiling and welcoming, their salads are fresh and there is a lot of choice!! The service is fast and the music there is great! I will come back !!

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