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Restaurant Bleu

15/05/2024: Without doubt the best couscous in Salon! Warm atmosphere and impeccable service, coupled with reasonable prices given the quantity and quality on the plate. A must to recommend
02/05/2024: Generous cuisine, friendly welcome, hello, come and discover everything for a reasonable price, thank you


Le Kasbar

Marseille-11E, Marseille
12/06/2024: Good welcome good experience to repeat excellent cuisine
02/06/2024: Very good cuisine, very friendly staff, I recommend


Les Saveurs d'Orient

La Ciotat
27/05/2024: Delighted with our visit! Generous services and dishes and we are delighted this May 26! I recommend if you like oriental dishes
15/05/2024: Excellent restaurant, I enjoy it every time and also a very warm welcome


Le Palmier

Marseille-1Er, Marseille
15/06/2024: Friendly and efficient service. Our meals were flavorful and delicious.
11/06/2024: Delicious tajine and quite cheap prices.


L'Assiette Tunisienne

Marseille-9E, Marseille
14/03/2024: What a nice surprise ! The couscous is excellent and the pastries are delicious. The welcome is warm! I recommend this little restaurant and I will come back as soon as possible
15/02/2024: I recommend, discovered by chance, we ate very well, we had couscous, family cooking, homemade harissa, good pastries



Marseille-1Er, Marseille
02/06/2024: Very good restaurant the couscous very good and well served the staff very helpful
06/05/2024: Very good restaurant, authentic and served at all times. Highly recommended!



Marseille-7E, Marseille
01/04/2024: Very welcoming and friendly staff, very good experience, very quiet restaurant, totally recommended!
01/04/2024: Chairs and tables placed outside. A sign, no? We waited 30 minutes without anyone calculating for us. Once a waiter came, he asked us what we wanted… to eat? Maybe ? -Ah but we don't serve food outside Wow! I wonder what the tables and chairs are for. Can we eat inside in this case? -Ah well no, there’s no more room. What a welcome !! We left without the slightest desire to eat there.


Les Delice de L'eveche

Marseille-2E, Marseille
01/04/2024: as per the traditional boulangerie sign; both savory and sweet are excellent at very honest prices; there are also drinks and espresso. If you are in the area, stop by for a bite to eat or to buy something to eat while walking around the neighborhood. Very kind girl, small but clean and tidy place.
11/12/2023: In this bakery so unacceptable the dirt the mice the cockroaches on the cakes she takes people on trial and she never pays them the boss and unacceptable vulgarity and the prices of the cakes are unjustified they are exorbitant prices practically it's theft a person designated with any moral sense makes people work under the table underpay them the last time I attended there was a big argument about that in front of the customers as if nothing was happening but it's serious what a point business 🙈🙉 customers were scandalized it deserves a check.

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La Goulette

Marseille-1Er, Marseille
11/06/2024: Cakes to take away with laborious boxing (9 cakes for 3 boxes, no paper corolla for semolina cakes and broken cakes). When paying: no credit card, no check only cash... after several banks to withdraw money, I returned to the restaurant and they had put the cakes away because I had not returned quickly... Order started again and upon tasting: disappointed, cakes not fresh, little flavor and rancid for some. What a shame for an establishment that succeeded the Rose of Tunis
13/03/2024: It's a shame not to be able to give less than one star because this place doesn't even deserve one star.

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Aux Pays des Delices

Marseille-1Er, Marseille
11/02/2024: Great restaurant where we enjoyed a special couscous 🥘 The welcome was very warm.

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Le Jasmin de Tunis

Marseille-6E, Marseille

Non applicable

RestauranteOrientale-Climat de France

Marseille-1Er, Marseille


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