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Saint-Fargeau, Paris, 20-30€
13/06/2024: The place is very friendly, perfect for a date and the perfect excellent nature! Thanks to the super nice host 🫶🏾
07/06/2024: DELICIOUS - there is no other word


Le Bio d'Adam et Eve

Halles, Paris
01/04/2024: Quiet environment, very close to the Louvre. Correct and friendly service. Good price, quality and quantity. We really liked the food with Thai touches!! We had the masala curry and a hot salad, the tofu balls were delicious. The dessert is not seen in the photo, we had the lemon cake, delicious. To drink lemonade and a beer. They give you water (from the tap) without asking and in fact they asked us if we wanted to drink something as adults, a detail. Total we paid 54 euros. Very good. Recommended.
25/03/2024: I was served by a very kind and smiling lady. The dishes were delicious and perfectly cooked. I had gluten-free dishes and it wasn't noticeable at all. The chocolate cream didn't convince me, after all it's a personal taste. I rarely come because with the starter, main course and dessert, it costs around thirty euros. The quality is worth it, obviously. The frame too. But that’s not in my daily budget for my lunch break. In short, a real pleasure when I come 🥰


Le Coupe Gorge

Saint-Merri, Paris
06/06/2024: Nice restaurant. Very good cuisine. We recommend
05/06/2024: Nice setting, generous dishes, courteous welcome.


Le coeur du Liban

Porte-Saint-Martin, Paris
15/05/2024: To say it’s tasty it’s say nothing! Merci!🙌🏻
10/05/2024: Great place to eat in or take out! However, be careful of allergens in desserts in particular! We came close to a tragedy...


Le Potager de Charlotte

Rochechouart, Paris
24/05/2024: Excellent food! They have such creative ways to make vegan food tasty with a great presentation as well. The customer service was great too, and we felt very welcomed and taken care of. I look forward to coming back when I’m in Paris again.
23/05/2024: Excellent lunch with colleagues this afternoon, the dishes and desserts were delicious (we didn't have starters). Efficient and pleasant service. We will come back without hesitation!


Chibby's Diner

Picpus, Paris
03/05/2024: Excellent :-) I ventured there and was pleasantly surprised. The top addresses for a burger near Place de la Nation
24/04/2024: Very good card. Rich and hearty burger, excellent home fries and very good coleslow! The quality has absolutely not changed over time. The desserts are delicious. Warm and cozy atmosphere. But the most comes from the service. The owners and the waiter are incredibly generous and kind. This has become my son's favorite restaurant!



Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Paris
08/06/2024: Le Guenmaï is a real gem nestled in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. As soon as you walk through the door, you are immediately seduced by the warm and friendly atmosphere of this restaurant. The decoration is simple and elegant, creating a calming atmosphere perfect for enjoying healthy and delicious dishes. The macrobiotic cuisine offered is simply exquisite. Each dish is prepared with fresh, quality ingredients, highlighting authentic and perfectly balanced flavors. The vegetarian and vegan options are varied, and even the most skeptical will be won over by the creativity and finesse of the recipes. Special mention for the desserts, which are both delicious and healthy, a real treat for the taste buds. The service is impeccable. The staff is attentive, smiling and always ready to share advice or explanations on the dishes and the benefits of macrobiotic cuisine. We feel really welcomed and taken care of. In summary, Le Guenmaï is an essential address for anyone looking for a healthy and tasty culinary experience in Paris. Whether you are a fan of macrobiotic cuisine or simply curious to discover new flavors, this restaurant will delight you. Congratulations to the entire team for the success of this institution which has lasted for over 40 years!
03/06/2024: A great discovery, this healthy restaurant with excellent value for money. The dishes are varied and delicious. Plates full of flavor and nourishing. A valuable address to remember!



Halles, Paris
17/03/2024: Very good culinary experience, I ate well. The staff was very pleasant. Thanks for the enthusiasm. ♥️
17/03/2024: good experience and very warm welcome from the staff!



Enfants-Rouges, Paris
27/03/2024: Table in a space not necessarily suitable, very cramped, but service and staff at the top. A smile and sympathy always allow you to experience a pleasant and sought-after moment for such an occasion. We had a blast! THANKS
19/03/2024: For brunch or dinner, the dishes are delicious. I like to take my friends there when they are passing through Paris. They are surprised by the concept and love it. ~ Reception side ~ Friendly and pleasant. We can take our time and are not oppressed by the pressure to quickly consume or leave. ~ Gastronomy side ~ * Cesar salad is hearty - with a reasonable amount of sauce. * Sweet potato fries ~ crispy as can be. * Homemade lemonade is delicious. * Gourmet and melting pancakes. I'm talking to those with a sweet tooth ~ Save some room for dessert. ~ Sanitary side ~ The toilets are clean. PMR standards. Little + ~ It would be nicer if the door was closed so as not to have a view of the entrance and exit etc... We're talking about the concept of the curved tile!!! 😀 The products are of good quality with reasonable prices. N.B ~ dogs allowed dogs 🐶 🐾


Maoz Vegetarian

Sorbonne, Paris
15/05/2024: I went by this morning with my son, the employee has no respect or professionalism, he passed a lot of customers in front of me and he deliberately delayed certain orders and absolutely reduced the quality and quantity. he ruined my day, I sent the child to the employee to ask for the toilet to finish learning, he was really unpleasant, you have to hire people who want to work and who respect all customers and not everyone is fair some.
15/05/2024: very friendly seller and delicious food!


La Bonne Heure

Maison-Blanche, Paris
22/05/2024: Digestible, tasty cuisine respectful of organic products, without salt (you can still salt your dish afterwards), almost no oil I really loved it!! I would come back with joy
09/04/2024: Fast service, friendly atmosphere and tasty dishes. A good place for a delicious, simple meal!


Bob's Kitchen

Arts-Et-Metiers, Paris
19/05/2024: I LOVE this place. So cozy and welcoming and the food is delicious!! Staff is also very sweet. Will come again!
19/05/2024: This was a really very good meal especially the pancake and the lovely juice. The juice was really very refreshing


42 Degres

Rochechouart, Paris
26/05/2024: I went to this restaurant on a Monday evening with a group, and was overall disappointed. The dishes were good and original for some, but the quantities were very limited for the price. We waited more than 2 hours before having our main course, and there was no commercial gesture or apology. Several people who arrived after us were served before. I left the restaurant with a half-empty stomach, and tired of the endless wait. Too bad, because the concept is interesting.
21/05/2024: Very good and creative dishes, relaxed and warm atmosphere, good value for money, nice place



Gros-Caillou, Paris
01/06/2024: Very nice and cozy place that is fairly priced. Food was excellent and service was great! Also bonus, close to the Eiffel Tower. I got the gnocchi with truffle sauce and I highly recommend.
01/06/2024: We ate very well. Fast and efficient service. I recommend !



Vivienne, Paris
29/03/2024: Great concept, you can choose from a multitude of dishes (hot of the day, salads, soup, focaccias, etc.) and depending on the quantity (small or large) you adjust the formula, which allows you to taste a lot of things without spoiling. Everything is very tasty and balanced, the canteen aspect is fun, the staff is pleasant.
25/03/2024: I made a reservation for a catering service! The guests loved it and so did I, especially the tabbouleh and the poppy brown muffin! The delivery man arrived by bike with boxes with the food inside, almost zero waste. And they came back to get the boxes with the dishes! A caterer that limits its carbon footprint to the maximum and excellent food, we say yes. I particularly thank Claire for her advice and her availability. I recommend ❤️

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