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Saint-Fargeau, Paris, 20-30€
13/06/2024: The place is very friendly, perfect for a date and the perfect excellent nature! Thanks to the super nice host 🫶🏾
07/06/2024: DELICIOUS - there is no other word



Saint-Vincent-De-Paul, Paris
22/05/2024: Very nice food and there are vegetarian options which are not so easy to get in Paris. Well priced, quick and nice.
20/05/2024: We pass by this place without imagining that inside, the cuisine takes us elsewhere, flavors of Erithree that I did not know. Great quality and generosity, at such an affordable price served by a discreet and smiling host



Batignolles, Paris
03/04/2024: Very good discovery, I didn't even know the existence of Afghan cuisine, delicious, I recommend it. Fast service, the chef who welcomed us was very smiling, very open, chatting with his customers. We feel comfortable. Very fair price!
02/04/2024: Great restaurant Great welcome and service We ate very well The plus: the explanations and the kindness of the server


Les Saveurs d'Abyssinie

Jardin-Des-Plantes, Paris
11/03/2024: Excellent welcome and very good meal!
10/03/2024: I'm not a fan of this type of food. But this is a completely personal opinion. Small restaurant. The waitress is attentive and caring.


Le Comptoir des Petits Champs

Palais-Royal, Paris, 20-30€
05/05/2024: Surprisingly great dishes and good prices for this area. Always professional service!
05/05/2024: Very great food, especially the AILE DE RAIE(fresh skate fish). It was worth a try!


Le Negus

Sainte-Marguerite, Paris
28/05/2024: A change of scenery.. Warm welcome and good food.. What more could you ask for 😉?
20/05/2024: We went to this restaurant because the Ethiopian restaurant we usually go to is closed on Sundays. Very nice discovery of this small, friendly restaurant. The food is excellent and the staff are really good at advising on the best dishes. Plan a budget of at least €20 per person.



Plaine-Monceau, Paris
11/06/2024: As usual, (organic) wines and cuisine of a very good standard. Personally, the vegetarian starters are excellent. However, the vegetarian dish is very average, bland and a little coarse, lacks spices, pep and a little light (no or few cereals, legumes or potatoes for example) why not some cauliflower tempura or others? But overall still an excellent time spent in this restaurant
11/06/2024: A beautiful gastronomic gem from Paris 17th! A cuisine combining French and Japanese tradition, truly delicious, playing on the freshness of the ingredients and the cooking of meat and fish. Dishes accompanied by an innovative and organic wine list and fabulous service! Worth a detour in this neighborhood which is lively at midday and quieter in the evening. This is a very nice discovery ✨



Monnaie, Paris
13/06/2024: Honest Lebanese cuisine. Service is kind and attentive. I tried the Chawarma Plat, which comes with generous grilled meat and at least 6 different bits of the traditional starters, i.e. moussaka, babaganush, tzaziki, hummus, taboole, etc. The ingredients are fresh and good quality. The portions are generous. Great value for money too. There are a few other Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurants, in the area, but I would recommend to choose this one to have an honest meal.
13/06/2024: Very good restaurant, great service and homemade dishes.


Ose African Cuisine

Porte-Saint-Martin, Paris
23/05/2024: Experience to try like me you will return :D Welcome and advice are required, with patience and sympathy. You create your meal from 4 side dishes, 3 meats and a choice, 4 sauces and 4 extras (long live the alokos!!!!) You have 3 serving sizes: normal, L and XL So many possibilities and delicious culinary combinations. You can also benefit from the (very very very) spicy sauce ;) Finally you will find something to delight your taste buds with typical desserts
21/05/2024: Since the card was changed on Deliveroo we have to pay more to have rice + plantains or other supplements together. You push customers to pay more, so I stop ordering from you.


Le Coco de Mer

Jardin-Des-Plantes, Paris
31/05/2024: Lunch or dinner with your feet in the sand, like on Mahé, Praslin or La Digue, in this place of Seychellois gastronomy unique in Paris, served with kindness and know-how by the extremely friendly and passionate owner. A real treat !! I highly recommend !!
30/05/2024: The exotic decor and feet in the sand help create a tropical environment even in the urban chaos of Paris. With a little music, the effect would have been even more pleasantly disorienting. As for food, the menu is limited but very careful, perhaps a little expensive (starters €9, main courses €15-20, desserts €9). The black pudding - with a creamy consistency and not too spicy taste - is good but not essential. The rougail sausage - rice with pieces of sausage and vegetables - is hearty and tasty, but I would have dared with a sauce to bind the ingredients. The octopus – rice with octopus and coconut milk – was rich and balanced, but the real star of the meal was the dessert. The coconut ice cream lovecake is a real cloud in the mouth, where all the flavors - the acidity of the biscuits dipped in fruit syrup, the sweetness of the caramel, the richness of the coconut cream - mix perfectly. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to international food lovers and those who want to travel with their taste buds.


Bobby & Bobette

Clignancourt, Paris
05/04/2024: Great restaurant! Delicious dishes, fast service and great atmosphere!
05/04/2024: Wonderfully fresh pasta like in Italy, comforting, ideal texture. I'm asking for a class with the pasta master!


Le Bistrot d'en Face

Grenelle, Paris
20/05/2024: Très bon accueil et service impeccable. Les plats sont délicieux et la cuisine est gourmande. Une très bonne adresse parisienne
19/05/2024: Lorsque que l'on arrive à L' Abrevoir, on est d'abord agréablement surpris par l' ambiance chaleureuse et conviviale. J'ai tester l' "Avocado toast" et il était incroyable et délicieusement délicieux; un régal ! Le burger "Gus" était bon est gourmand et le plateau de charcuterie, exellent. La carte est très complète et propose une diversité étonnante de plat adapté à toute les fines bouches. Pour conclure, ce fut un repas très agréable. Quand on quitte le restaurant, on se dit que cette adresse, celle de l' Abrevoir, est à garder pour toujours.



Saint-Victor, Paris
05/04/2024: Great place! I had lunch there with 3 friends, no regrets. Very interesting menu at €12.50, with starter, main course and dessert. Excellent value. Perfect service, the manager who serves gives very good advice and is super friendly.
01/04/2024: Typical Afghan restaurant, very warm welcome and the cuisine was perfect. The dishes were extremely tasty, I will come back


Perchiana Food

Grenelle, Paris
15/06/2024: Very good Persian restaurant. Very warm welcome
14/06/2024: Good dishes, good value for money, friendly staff, I recommend 😉


Chair de Poule

Folie-Méricourt, Paris
11/06/2024: 'Great. The best neighborhood bar. With a flip. Concerts.
05/05/2024: Just came for a drink before a Comédie des trois bornes show, but we had enough time to take the temperature of the place. Pleasant owner who knows his wines like the back of his hand. Organic and local alcohols preferably. A good bar with selected music, a pinball machine, a darts game, regulars, record covers and posters everywhere. A place that does not try to please with the accessories of the place to be bobo. I loved !

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