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La brasserie du Gourmet

14/06/2024: At Petit Gourmet, I am never disappointed Whether the great classics or the chef's creations He loves his work and the team will put you at ease for a meal with family, friends or as a couple.
05/06/2024: The place is very cozy, very pleasant, comfortable, the service, nothing to say, professional and very friendly... the chef's cuisine, a mixture of traditional and modern dishes, very subtle, well seasoned, beautiful presentation and delicious... an address to remember.. ..


au veau qui tete

31/03/2024: never disappointed, always a good meal served with a smile, and for very reasonable prices
24/03/2024: Rungis market atmosphere. Fast service and excellent veal liver


Restaurant crêperie sucrée salée

25/05/2024: Second experience last night on 05/24/2024 (after our first experience a year ago) and last time we go there: we had reserved and were placed in the back room completely isolated, which could have would be nice if the room had not been directly opposite the toilets… isolated room therefore forgotten room because we remained without light for a good quarter of an hour, and the service was very long, almost an hour to be served . The aperitifs were forgotten and the pancakes were barely warm, even if they were slightly better than the previous time. I think the waitress forgot us... A small commercial gesture like a coffee/tea offered to apologize would have been welcome. For this evening which will not remain in our memories I lower the rating to 1 star for the waitress who despite everything was smiling and friendly, Experience 2022: Very long service and not good pancakes. They focus on quantity (which makes the pancake dry and inedible) rather than quality. To be honest, I didn't have dessert. 1 star for the waitress who was smiling and friendly and the second for the chocolate crepe which my daughter enjoyed.
25/05/2024: Very large choice of savory pancakes, I had tomato fondue and pesto, very pleasant.


Brasserie 1901 Saint-Mande

28/05/2024: Disgusting service. Customer focus at the lowest level. We couldn't order food because the waitress couldn't understand us (we speak Russian, German and very little English). The look on her face told us that we were not welcome guests here! I will not recommend this eatery to anyone!
27/05/2024: I chose veal risotto for appetizer + main course or main course + dessert for 20 euros and the meat was so tender and delicious. The shrimp risotto was also delicious and I was very full. The portion was quite large.



01/03/2024: an excellent quality restaurant!
06/01/2024: We went for a morning coffee on a Saturday at 10:30. Service was friendly and prompt. We sat on the inside terrace and watched the world go by. This is a cute residential area off the beaten track.


Quai Est

Le Perreux-Sur-Marne
10/06/2024: We went there on a Saturday evening for the 10 p.m. service, the food was there, we left the restaurant at 12:30 a.m. so I didn't feel rushed by the place.
09/06/2024: The setting is magnificent! The a la carte choice offers something for all tastes and everything we ordered was excellent!

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l'esplanade restaurant

02/05/2024: All square team of phew good luck 👍🏼


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