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11/06/2024: The wife and I stopped off in Metz for a night. We came across Fukushima and had a late dinner. It was a great find. The food was excellent and a lovely young waitress looking after us x. If we're ever in Metz again we'll definitely be going back. Loved it xxx.
07/06/2024: There were 4 of us and we waited 45 minutes for meals even though the restaurant wasn't even half full.


Pho Saïgon

20/05/2024: The welcome is always warm, the staff friendly and very professional. As for the cuisine, a real delight…. Like every time we went there A big thank you for this moment of sharing with you
18/05/2024: A restaurant with traditional decoration. The service is very pleasant and serious. The dishes are plentiful and very good. The only downside is the lack of parking. I strongly recommend it, personally an experience that we have reiterated.



03/04/2024: Lunch with colleagues, I was taken to kyou sushi, I ate quite well there even if I don't like this "type of sushi". The takoyakis were pretty good! However the sushi, or rather the makis, were not bad but had too much rice for my taste and were basic. A few years ago I would have found it not bad but now, when I want to eat sushi I expect something more quality. Classic “Jap” restaurant among many others. However, the service is impeccable, the servers are very attentive and the decor is ultra cute and for that alone, I am not disappointed to have been there.
17/03/2024: Very good Japanese restaurant which makes good sushi and gyozas.


Sunshine Restaurant Japonais

10/06/2024: Always good and quickly served whether on site or to take away. It’s fresh and we are loyal customers.
02/06/2024: Never disappointed by the quality, the best Japanese restaurant!



28/05/2024: Excellent Japanese restaurant located right next to the city center of Metz. The service is great, the dishes are very good. I tried the broth for two people and I was not disappointed. The presentation of the dish as well as the food is perfect. Small downside on the price which I find a little high but for a unique experience it may be worth it.
26/05/2024: I went to Osaka this evening. The makis were obviously not fresh and were served to me on a dirty plate: I tried the salmon maki, which had a horrible taste and no texture. The rice was tasteless, spoiling a simple cucumber maki. The miso soup was also bad, with a metallic taste. What was served to me was a real disgrace to Japanese cuisine and a real lack of respect towards the customers, who, moreover, pay dearly for filthy dishes and border on food poisoning. But what is even more disrespectful is the reaction of the staff when I told them - discreetly - about the problems with the freshness of the dishes: they openly laughed among themselves, when I was more expecting an apology.



10/05/2024: A simply magical and excellent Japanese and Korean restaurant! You enter the restaurant and you are already transported elsewhere: a calm and relaxing Asian atmosphere. You are then welcomed by the manager who does EVERYTHING alone with her husband (and I take my hat off to them) who is very kind and will always be there to guide you with the menu (pairing between dishes, drink to choose ) and we really appreciated his help and advice. The meal is simply EXCELLENT and exotic: all the products are fresh, homemade and of very high quality and this is felt on the plate... the meal unfolds peacefully according to the different appetizers offered... we take his/her time and that feels good (we're not used to it anymore)... we take the time to savor and watch the little lady cook her dishes: a joy!🤩 From starter to dessert everything is excellent: real wasabi for the sushi, gyosas to die for, what can we say about the dishes which are just exquisite and the desserts end this culinary journey so well (the apple gyosas are just delicious) . We have been there twice and we will definitely go back! I recommend it +++
06/05/2024: Very good restaurant, change of scenery guaranteed! I recommend 100%


Chammie Sushi

14/04/2024: Truly incredible, I didn't expect to eat so well, wow, the platter costs around 55 euros. It's something fresh, super good sauce, really nothing to say, I recommend. Fast and efficient delivery
06/04/2024: Terribly disappointed by the incredibly slow service...the dishes arrived before the aperitifs...learning cocktails is recommended because what was served was in no way what we should have had, everything was hot (no ice cubes) and the glasses were not adequate...the bottle of water arrived at the end of the meal...welcoming the "to go" customers was unwelcome at the entrance and so close to the people dining.. Fortunately the makis were delicious and the gesture on the bill was welcome.


Côté Sushi

01/04/2024: My daughter had a box delivered to me for my birthday today, it's not good, the hard and dry rice is not fresh and the fish is a weird color. I gave it two stars just for the work.
31/03/2024: Order ready when I arrived and on time, friendly staff. The poke (salmon and chicken) were good!


Ayako sushis

25/04/2024: I ordered for 9 p.m. and waited more than 40 minutes to get my order. I saw 5 people come in and left before me. 0 commercial gesture is shameful
14/04/2024: Very sloppy service. 20 minutes for a waitress to come and take our order knowing that the restaurant was absolutely not full. 45 minutes later, our dish arrived frozen at our table. It’s a shame considering the prices charged.


M Sushi

11/05/2024: Très déçu ! Prix en nette augmentation, et quantité largement revues à la baisse : le saumon est tellement fin sur les sushis qu’on voit le riz par transparence… et les sashimis sont très fins et très petits. Il n’y a même plus de tofu dans la soupe miso !!! Franchement c’est devenu une honte. Nous n’irons plus.
27/04/2024: Nous avons l'habitude de commander le plateau famille chez M.Sushi, beaucoup de riz cette fois-ci et peu de garniture dans les makis ... Un peu déçus


Kyou Sushi

27/05/2024: Strongly advise against we were served in less than 5 minutes my daughter has been sick for 3 days vomiting and so on… the sushi was already ready the salmon must have gone bad or a bacteria matter to follow we are currently doing analyzes and we We will turn against them if necessary! Ashamed
27/05/2024: I came this evening for the first time and I regret not having come sooner The food is very qualitative and the waiter was very smiling I recommend


Le Jardin D'asie

27/05/2024: Nice Chinese restaurant, renovated, all you can eat, spacious, the tables are systematically cleared when you change the plate... and a small sake offered at the time of the bill, well done
24/05/2024: Always perfect 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Prices really very reasonable in view of the general increases, it is not even expensive and very varied. The staff is very pleasant, I have been going there at least once a week for over 6 years. The car park is very large and access by road and motorway is great. I don't understand how out of more than 100 people a day there is always only one negative opinion from time to time 😂, it's always the same bitter people about life......


Sushi Shop

11/05/2024: The manager got angry and shouted at a young person at the checkout to the point where we had to intervene. He handled stress so badly that he took it out on her constantly. After our intervention there were angry looks from the manager until it was time to leave. In addition, it reports and deletes negative reviews!! Don't go there unless the manager has been fired!
04/05/2024: We arrived in the restaurant, the floor was disgusting. It started off badly, but we settled in anyway. We order a box of sushi and 2 curries. We heard the microwave heating our dishes, we were already delighted. Even more so when I had to ask the waitress to defrost my dish better because it was still frozen in the center. The porridge served was disgusting, neither my husband nor I could eat it. What a shame for a restaurant that claims to partner with great chefs. As a bonus, in the bathroom, half of the equipment did not work. The restaurant is clearly in decline


Pays de Hanau

16/09/2023: Family atmosphere, very good meal.
05/09/2023: Friendliness and family atmosphere. As usual, an extra sirloin. Thank you 👍



29/04/2024: We went there having seen the reviews, we didn't expect anything except perhaps diarrhea. It's been 24 hours and my transit is doing well (for someone who ingested 5000kcal in an hour), but the visual I had in the kitchen leads me to believe that above all I have a good immune system. You can place 2 orders where you order as much as you want, and each unfinished item is charged €3, which means you either have to be a good strategist or an ogre. Or have a backpack and be discreet!! The sushi, makis and temakis, the things where there is rice are generally huge and full of rice, the objective is not for you to enjoy but for you to be fooled. It's not particularly good given the quantity of rice, don't take a bowl of rice it's packed as it's not allowed, we're quite close to the concrete block. I managed to finish it though. The skewers are good although the plancha deserves to be cleaned, having worked in the kitchen I can tell you that the small black deposits are toxic and a really bad sign. I had a 2cm diameter piece on one of my skewers and the cheese ones smelled of toxic grease. But I ate them, did you think I was going to pay 3 bucks?? The fried foods are HUGE and served by 4 or 6, the spring rolls really mediocre and bland. It’s ok without more culinary speaking we will say. But they are not there to truly delight you given the quantities of rice and the non-conformity of the sizes of makis and others. Big thumbs up to the 3 goldfish, I imagine that the owners only made 2 orders - too - for the furnishing and decoration of the place.
29/04/2024: It’s a fight against the cooks at this level. This is the type of “will” where they aim to harm you. Let's start with the fact that you can order whatever you want BUT only twice. So you'll have to be smart, otherwise the €3 charged in the event of a mess will quickly be gone. So from there you will quickly understand the trick behind it. They are there to stuff your stomach and as quickly as possible. Slightly larger sushi and plenty of rice. There will be things that if you order, you will have to be valiant. Like chirari, temaki and stir-fried dishes. The doses are generous, be careful! As far as I'm concerned, it takes away from the charm of the will. My goal is to be able to eat a variety of things. In their case we can quickly find ourselves with a dose which is already equivalent to a meal. As for the cuisine and nothing but the cuisine is transcendent, the sushi is classic and sometimes even below the average of what a sushi should be in France. The fried foods are also very big and stuffy. I think this could be a good address for several big eaters. Be careful if you are alone or in a relationship. I recommend but only if you are ready for what awaits you. Good luck !

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