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Bubble Tea Cup

Saint-Avoye, Paris
20/02/2024: While passing through Paris for the Chinese lantern festival, I stopped at this store to enjoy a bubble tea. And it is with pleasure that I will come back when I am in Paris. A great welcome, the manager is warm and smiling and what's more, the bubble teas are great. I highly recommend 🥰
13/02/2024: Pleasant and warm welcome, the seller kindly recommended our bubble teas. Excellent bubble tea, tasty tea and very good tapioca, very affordable prices: average bubble tea for €5.50. Great experience see you soon.


Le Cambodge

Saint-Lambert, Paris
13/04/2024: Pour avoir voyagé au Cambodge, j'ai été déçue de la cuisine de cet établissement : le poisson Amok, pourtant présenté comme une spécialité de la maison, est servi en trop petite quantité et en sur-cuisson, l'entrée typique n'est pas top, la pâte de riz épaisse et visqueuse, la brioche vietnamienne bien trop épaisse aussi, sans saveur et trop sèche. Décevant, dommage. Certes les prix sont corrects pour le 15ème et le service rapide, mais je préfère payer un peu plus pour une meilleure cuisine.
06/04/2024: Excellent !!! Cod in banana leaf and coconut milk sauce, perfect 😍


Mai Lam Saigon

Maison-Blanche, Paris
06/04/2024: Best Vietnamese restaurant I've tried so far, adorable, caring owner who shows you how to eat according to traditions. Very generous portions, succulent products and very affordable prices. an address to absolutely try for pho or bo bun!!
05/04/2024: Super welcoming service, very warm staff and very good food, I highly recommend


Dat Viet

Petit-Montrouge, Paris
31/03/2024: Very nice atmosphere, absolutely delicious meal, very pleasant service, I recommend 100%!
31/03/2024: I gave the food 3* because I haven't tried and was recommended to try it, but the other criteria, I gave just 1*. Today I came to this restaurant, I was taken to a table next to 2 other tables. I orderd the dish and just asked for some adjustment, the waitress took my order and said she would ask if it would be possible for my request. After talking to the manager, she came to me and said: "I'm sory this table is always reserved, with the next 2 other". I verified her words with "which means there's no more available table ?" She replied: "Yes, I'm sorry" and left. I had to put my jacket on and left like I was kicked out of the restaurant. No "Bonjour" when I came in, and more importantly, no "Au revoir" when I left, though that's what they should at least make up for me already set up at the table and ordered. In my restaurant, that behavior is unacceptable. It was not my problem, I already ordered and it's the restaurant who should find a solution for me if there was a mistake in the reservation, instead of a way of asking me out like that. For such situation, I will never come to this restaurant, though the food could be good. Hopefully they will improve their service quality.


Au Coin des Gourmets

Place-Vendôme, Paris
03/04/2024: An Asian restaurant with very good dishes (special mention for the spring rolls), served quickly. Excellent value for money for lunch in this area.
26/03/2024: Delicious food off the beaten path. And, absolutely Perfect for when my kids were tired of steak hache and poulet!


Phou Khet

Bel-Air, Paris
06/04/2024: Delicious food. The service was also friendly, they even spoke a little German. I do think the fish deserve a larger aquarium.
03/04/2024: Shrimp fritters and vegetable noodles at the top 😋, the other dishes are also tempting


Pause Bobun

Jardin-Des-Plantes, Paris
29/05/2024: This day, the restaurant only offered take-out without mentioning this restriction on their site. So we walked for several minutes in the rain for nothing. The closure did not seem to be due to any unforeseen event, the door was blocked with a construction chain, a reception table set up in front, the drinks box clearly visible 👌The person who greeted us with this brief "no today it’s takeaway only” without hello or sorry didn’t seem to be very concerned.
23/05/2024: Yes. You want to eat a great bobun, while waiting for a train or just for fun, I recommend this restaurant.


Rouge Do

Hôpital-Saint-Louis, Paris
30/03/2024: A great restaurant in every way. All the dishes have a personal, family and cultural story, which Thierry, the friendly and very available chef, will tell you with emotion. They all offer unforgettable and unusual flavors, from the starter (Vietnamese pancakes!) to the dessert, including the main courses (difficult to choose: from caramel pork to do bun, everything is truly excellent!). Everything is plentiful, and takes place in a warm atmosphere, in the heart of rue Sainte-Marthe. Not to be missed !
29/03/2024: Very warm welcome, excellent cuisine!


Asian Soupe

Hôpital-Saint-Louis, Paris
09/06/2024: Delicious Pho 😋 and quick service. Definitely recommended
07/06/2024: Delicious and very friendly server


Mei Xi

Quinze-Vingts, Paris
13/05/2024: This restaurant is not the one you first notice from the outside. On the other hand, great service (we took takeaway). The person who served us truly gave us a burst of joy, positivity and kindness. THANKS ! Plus the food is very good. We tried the bobuns, ravioli and spring rolls; top !
02/05/2024: Thank you for the food! I got the vegetarian option to go and it is sooo good for the price. They also gave me a banana!


le drapeau de l amitie

Necker, Paris
26/05/2024: To flee. Gloomy atmosphere, very dirty restaurant and detestable cuisine. An inspection of the hygiene services would be appropriate...
24/05/2024: Such a fan of this address! Here you enter a small, intimate restaurant, whose cuisine takes you directly to Vietnam. Dishes for all tastes, accompanied by a submarine: this is how to spend a great evening in the 15th. Here you pay in cash (there is an ATM right next door if ever) and the dishes are really accessible: excellent value for money! In conclusion, I can only recommend this place to you ✨


Coupi Bar

Gare, Paris
21/05/2024: good ban mhi, using fresh baguette is a real plus
13/05/2024: Simple and effective, I recommend the €11 formula which includes a banh mi, a drink and a dessert. I had the original banh mi, it was very good!



Grandes-Carrières, Paris
25/03/2024: The restaurant has been closed since February 2024. Don't trust the schedule on Google or Lafourchette!
17/02/2024: Excellent Vietnamese cuisine, tasty and hearty. We don't make fun of the customer in this good little restaurant. Be careful, the lessor is looking for excuses to release the restaurateur!


Do et Riz

Quinze-Vingts, Paris
27/03/2024: Exceptional Vietnamese cuisine 🙌🏻
26/03/2024: Great restaurant, the dishes are excellent and the atmosphere is very pleasant, I will go back!


Saigon Hanoi

Sainte-Marguerite, Paris
05/04/2024: Agreed to take a table of 15 people unexpectedly Succulent duck soup Coffee with typical Vietnamese taste Very reasonable prices
19/03/2024: It was good with a generous amount, but I didn't really like the seasoning of the meat

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