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Faubourg-Montmartre, Paris, 45-60€
16/02/2024: The cuisine is fantastic and the staff in the dining room and in the kitchen are extremely friendly. We feasted. The restaurant has a good reputation so the room is often full, which makes it extremely noisy given its small size.
10/02/2024: We leave the restaurant tonight and wow Everyone is taken care of and the place is intimate Miguel the chef shared with us his passion for open cuisine with a South American-Asian French influence... we were at the bar in front of the kitchen.... We saw everything tasted with our eyes before our taste buds!!! We enjoyed everything our daughters too including the 14 year old INCREDIBLE 🤣 Thank you, it’s a beautiful memory for our eldest’s 20th birthday. Go while there is time... Miguel tell us where you are going….😉😉😉 Eric Nadine Clara Romane



Batignolles, Paris
29/03/2024: Never seen such beautiful and delicious cakes!! Thanks to the Chef!! Looking forward to starting the experience again!
12/03/2024: Restaurant found for my fiancé's birthday. We both loved it! Very warm and family restaurant. Quiet atmosphere and very luxury, very clean. Very special cuisine with new ingredients for those who are used to restaurants. Top experience! Great welcome! We'll come back!


Xin Gainian

Monnaie, Paris
05/04/2024: Very nice setting with impeccable service and very good cuisine
05/04/2024: Asian fusion restaurants leverage social media platforms to showcase their delicious dishes, engage with customers, and share behind-the-scenes glimpses into their culinary creations.


Restaurant La Cafetière Fêlée

06/04/2024: Excellent cuisine: refined, original, exotic. The meats and fish are prepared to perfection. The desserts are also a delight. A Californian wine with an Italian grape variety goes very well with everything. Pleasant service and surroundings. The only downside is that you shouldn't be in a hurry. But given what arrives on our plates, we prefer to wait a thousand times. It’s a real pleasure to have a cook worthy of the name and at the service of his art in Antibes. If only he could inspire some.
05/04/2024: Antibes is worth the detour just for this restaurant. Really delicious.


Le saut du Crapaud

Plaisance, Paris
31/03/2024: Very good experience! We ate really well and the service was excellent.
30/03/2024: Very nice setting and friendly staff, however the price does not correspond to the quality of the menu. Also no vg option for the menu



Chaussée-Dantin, Paris
23/02/2024: Top reception and cuisine. Welcome to little Balthazar 😉
03/02/2024: We had lunch there. The meal was excellent, the presentation careful. Attentive service. Good value for money. We highly recommend this restaurant.


Lou Colonial

27/03/2024: A restaurant that I have known for 6 years, the manager and her team are adorable and professional. The dishes are plentiful and excellent. I was never disappointed. Always a pleasure to come and eat. For me it is one of the best restaurants
30/01/2024: Warm and welcoming staff, quality and mastered cuisine!! We take care of you from arrival until your departure


Quartier Libre

Roquette, Paris, 20-30€
01/04/2024: Very cordial and friendly! Excellent dishes, each tastier than the last! The chef came to chat! We highly recommend!
27/03/2024: It's extremely rare that I give a restaurant 5 stars but this one really deserves them and is worth the trip! The recipes are very original. They surprise but always positively, their creation is exquisite: worthy of a starred restaurant, for the price of a small neighborhood restaurant. The service is perfect (the dishes are not only explained in great detail but also presented in great simplicity). Such quality deserves a setting that better showcases it than this small premises on rue de la Roquette. Unfortunately, I bet that given the quality of this place, it will soon no longer be possible to book less than a few weeks in advance...


Keisuke Matsushima

30/03/2024: Un 10/10 mérité tant ce dîner était excellent. De la qualité du service à celle des plats, pas une fausse note. On peut y ajouter une carte des vins très étendue qui permet de trouver son bonheur. Je ne peux que recommander cette adresse.
30/03/2024: Questo ristorante è sempre una garanzia. Non delude mai e non annoia mai. Sempre piatti interessanti e diversi.


Le Charlemagne

06/04/2024: Not possible to choose dishes to recommend they are not in the list. But we can suggest the snails, the foie gras with cocoa, sweetbreads and endive in caramel soy sauce, the lemon and seaweed pre-dessert (++++), the citrus dessert. The chef adapts to the tastes, desires and allergies of his customers. I recommend. The great service and the visit of the top chef.
02/04/2024: Very good time in your establishment, thank you for the sensitivity of my companion's intolerances without gluten and lactose.


La Malle aux Epices

04/04/2024: Superb discovery of flavors. Heartwarming welcome.
30/03/2024: Superb discovery at the very end of France. The kitchen is indoors and the chef has a blast preparing tasty and hearty dishes. Let yourself be seduced by this captivating cuisine


Le Bouzou

23/03/2024: Exotic decor, friendly, smiling and attentive service all with delicious cuisine!!!! I RECOMMEND FOR A RELAXING EVENING!!!
23/03/2024: My first time at Bouzou, I was able to live a unique experience, between music, exotic cuisine and incredible dancers, a real change of scenery. In addition, the staff is very welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend it!


Central Sushi

30/03/2024: Fresh products, always good (I've been ordering since 2015) and whether on site or delivered, very friendly people!
28/03/2024: Excellent sushi and a quality/price ratio that is worth the detour!


Le Petit Boucot

19/03/2024: Always a pleasure to visit Natalia and Frédéric, a warm welcome, refined cuisine with fresh products
16/03/2024: Nothing to complain about, from service to plate. A short menu but sufficient to offer enough choice, affordable prices, quality on the plate (from content to form). An excellent time and a great address! We will come back !


Restaurant UMAMI

05/04/2024: Delicious culinary creations with original flavors! Perfect welcome and service, orchestrated by MARILYN, "a ray of sunshine" 🌞🌞 To do again 😋😋😋
02/04/2024: After several attempts (often full) we were able to get a table. Disappointed but perhaps a bad choice. The aperitifs served without appetizers, the starter which arrives without having finished the aperitif, a tiny escalope of foie gras, followed by an overcooked squab (why don't you ask for it to be cooked? ), coffee without sweets all on a menu at €45, it hits hard. The daily specials surely do the trick.

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