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Batignolles, Paris
03/07/2024: A moment apart… An original and natural card. A unique concept of proximity to the chef. What a great discovery!
02/07/2024: I have been lucky enough to be able to discover good restaurants since my childhood and this is one of my biggest favorites and one of the most beautiful discoveries. I returned to Esens'all a second time a few months apart and the chef still managed to surprise me and the experience once again was incredible. The chef offers a selection of dishes that are as creative as they are tasty. Each bite is an explosion of flavors, enhanced by unexpected associations and artistic presentations. Fresh, quality products are featured, offering an unforgettable taste experience. As soon as you enter this place, you feel a warm and friendly atmosphere, where the chef himself comes to greet the guests in the dining room. This proximity to customers creates a unique experience, where you feel truly privileged and taken care of in a personalized way. The cuisine, orchestrated by this passionate and talented chef, reflects this special relationship: refined, inventive and generous. To accompany these dishes, the chef offers a perfectly balanced food and wine pairing or a carefully crafted food and decoction pairing. I don't want to reveal more so that you can discover this experience for yourself.



Faubourg-Montmartre, Paris, 45-60€
16/02/2024: The cuisine is fantastic and the staff in the dining room and in the kitchen are extremely friendly. We feasted. The restaurant has a good reputation so the room is often full, which makes it extremely noisy given its small size.
10/02/2024: We leave the restaurant tonight and wow Everyone is taken care of and the place is intimate Miguel the chef shared with us his passion for open cuisine with a French South American-Asian influence… we were at the bar in front of the kitchen…. We saw everything tasted with our eyes before our taste buds!!! We enjoyed everything our daughters too including the 14 year old INCREDIBLE 🤣 Thank you, it’s a beautiful memory for our eldest’s 20th birthday. Go while there is time... Miguel tell us where you are going….😉😉😉 Eric Nadine Clara Romane


Xin Gainian

Monnaie, Paris
05/07/2024: Top service, good food, very pleasant atmosphere
03/07/2024: Fried rice cake and chicken cutlet udon are delicious!


La Patine

29/06/2024: Extra, thank you for this exceptional welcome Lauren, we had a great time! I recommend this table and will come back!
18/06/2024: We had the pleasure of having lunch on a Sunday lunchtime at La Patine, under a beautiful sun. Relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful view and attentive service. The food and wine were very good. We had a great time in this pretty corner of greenery, in the Grenoble region. The parking lot next door is ideal. We recommend !


Le Petit Boucot

29/06/2024: Superbe expérience gustative . Recommandons entrée /plat / dessert pour une parfaite sensation culinaire Équipe très sympa , ce qui ajoute au plaisir de ce moment
08/06/2024: Petit restaurant entre amies. Nous nous sommes régalées, service sympathique et mets délicieux ! Adresse sûre! Bisous


Le saut du Crapaud

Plaisance, Paris
08/06/2024: 1st time we have come. What we ate was very good (octopus / eggplant / ceviche / burger / steak). But the size/quantity in relation to the prices charged is insufficient. Disappointed that there is no more Chilean wine. Friendly, smiling, pleasant and warm service. Big downside though for the noise! The tables are extremely close together and the room is very noisy.
31/05/2024: During my recent visit to this restaurant, I was quite disappointed with my overall meal. While the soft-boiled egg and cod were acceptable, the highlight of my disappointment was the dessert, the French toast. A total culinary disaster. Not only was it tasteless, but its doughy texture and strong orange blossom flavor made it an almost inedible dessert. To make matters worse, the server's unprofessional response "thanks for your comment" added to my frustration. Overall, my experience at this restaurant was far below my expectations. I sincerely hope that these comments can help improve the quality of the dishes served and the customer service, because it is clear that there is still a lot of progress to be made.


Quartier Libre

Roquette, Paris, 20-30€
30/06/2024: Great restaurant, cuisine, atmosphere, service.
29/06/2024: Warm environment. A menu worthy of a gourmet with surprising flavors that are unanimously appreciated. I recommend and I will return!


O'Vineyards Table d'Hôte

12/12/2023: While on a road trip around France visiting different vineyards we decided to book an overnight stay that also included wine tasting immediately upon arrival, tour of the vineyard, a full evening meal and overnight stay. Such a comprehensive package n experience meant that we were able to really appreciate the fine wines (and rare grape variety) that were offered. From the moment of our arrival to the point of our departure it was a first class experience. Our hosts were so friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. It was such an indulgent experience. I can’t recommend highly enough. Would love to go back one day😊


Keisuke Matsushima

20/06/2024: Everything excellent there, try it, you won t regret, frensh cuisine with a decent asian note, great welcome, service and food
16/06/2024: I made a reservation for lunch and had a meal there. In the refreshing sunlight, we enjoyed a delicious meal while looking at the beautiful flowering tree in front of us. When I told them that I couldn't drink alcohol, Chef Matsushima told me that they had a non-alcoholic rosé. The chef's autograph and photo made that day's lunch a memory that will last a lifetime. thank you very much.


La Malle aux Epices

25/06/2024: Nous avons choisi la formule menu découverte duo à 25 €. C'est une très bonne idée pour tester plusieurs mets tous très savoureux et originaux pour un prix très abordable. Accueil et service chaleureux
22/06/2024: Quelle bonne surprise de découvrir une VRAIE cuisine près du Cap. J'ai apprécié le soin et l'originalité que le CHEF déploie à concocter ses plats de poisson et ses desserts. J'ai aussi découvert ses menus 2 ou 3 plats au choix. Son épouse et sa serveuse sont accueillantes....malgré le nombre de tables à satisfaire !


Le Charlemagne

16/06/2024: Excited about our meal this Sunday lunchtime. Everything was fine, harmonious and at the same time astonishing. Perfect service 👍 We recommend, we will come back and we wish the best to the new owners who deserve to be widely recognized
16/06/2024: A wonderful experience. I reconciled with Charlemagne. A perfect family lunch. Discreet service, a perfect menu explanation and we understood everything ☺️. My daughter loved her meal of trout and strawberries. Thank you all for this good time and have a great season


Restaurant La Cafetière Fêlée

03/06/2024: We appreciated the quality and diversity of flavors in the dishes.
03/06/2024: It was a second time. We left very satisfied as with the first. Ah! these exotic tastes! Charming and collaborative boss.


Restaurant UMAMI

05/06/2024: Perfect restaurant. The dishes are original and excellent. I highly recommend.
03/06/2024: My favorite restaurant on the Isle, very warm welcome with a delicious accent and the dishes are just as warm. Well done


Central Sushi

02/07/2024: Sushi, naked makis, saum'roll, cali'fraicheur, dragon roll, excellent yakitori. I highly recommend this address.
02/07/2024: I rarely go to sushi restaurants because I don't eat raw fish, but the variety of alternatives offered by Sushi Spot won me over: vegetarian options, shrimp, cooked fish, tempura... I found what I was looking for! Everything is very good, with excellent value for money, and the delivery man is also very friendly and punctual. I confirm the previous reviews, I think they have found a new regular in me!


Le Bouzou

20/06/2024: Birthdays celebrated with an excellent buffet and very good cocktail soups
20/06/2024: Always on top Culinary trips expected, trips confirmed.

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